Style Fashion has mommy issues as well

Fashion has mommy issues as well

Anna Frattini

Being mothers in a world that is falling apart is not easy, and it never has been historically. Moreover, we find ourselves in an era where motherhood no longer has a clearly defined meaning. A concept that is reflected in the world of fashion, where, according to Joe Bobowicz on i-D, the collections for SS24 are steeped in mommy issues. The unforgettable Rihanna at the Super Bowl seems to have brought back the gracefulness inspired by pregnancy, but it doesn’t stop there. Last week, with the highly anticipated release of Phoebe Philo‘s collection, one of the objects that intrigued us the most is undoubtedly the MUM necklace. An accessory that seems to close the circle of this trend that glorifies the role of matriarchy even in the world of fashion.

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Let’s start from the end. The MUM necklace, proposed by Philo, is perfectly consistent with the change in direction of the English designer’s brand compared to the fashion world as we know it. According to The Guardian, this piece is one of the protagonists of the collection, despite its exorbitant price of 3000 pounds. In a fashion world that has often prioritized a style more suitable for night outs and palpable glamour, motherhood seems to bring a breath of fresh air. All in a creative industry that does not always seem to be on the side of mothers, Phoebe Philo delivers a clear message that should not be just a trend.

From Rihanna to Phoebe Philo passing through Chanel

Not only Philo but also Marni, Loewe, and Chanel – according to Bobowicz – have placed the concept of motherhood at the center. The first with the celebration of a casual style adorned with beige and moss green v-necks, while the second puts on a pedestal the so-called provincial mum’s longline cardi. Certainly, an expensive motherhood for SS24, which we also find in Chanel’s mom jeans and in the flip-flops of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection designed by Virginie Viard.

This trend – if that’s what we can call it – aligns with the norm-ification of fashion and highlights the authenticity of everyday life for those who are already mothers or identify with this comfortable and functional style. After all, even Rihanna last February showed us how it is possible to step onto a floating stage even while expecting and dressed in Loewe. The beginning of a trajectory that has brought us here, desiring a £3000 necklace signed by Phoebe Philo.

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