Art Stop and Coppafeel, for World Cancer Day

Stop and Coppafeel, for World Cancer Day

Federica Cimorelli

Today is World Cancer Day and to mark the occasion, the UK charity Coppafeel and animation studio Animade have launched a new awareness campaign. It is entitled Stop and Coppafeel! and aims to remind everyone of the importance of prevention and control in the fight against breast cancer.

This new campaign targets young adults, in particular, emphasizes the importance of self-testing and is intended as a strong reminder in response to the decline in demand for support caused by the pandemic.

Stop and Coppafeel! is a 2D illustration and animation project created by an all-female team. Working together with sound design studio Sister Music, Eilidh Reid, Romane Wach and Theresa Haas, under the creative direction of Frida Ek, came up with three different animations. Each video illustrates a different, quick and easy procedure to check yourself and your breasts and encourages even the laziest of people to take preventive action.

The three animations feature three different characters colored in the brand’s colors who show in a playful and light-hearted way how to take care of their breasts. The choice of using a man as one of the protagonists of these animations also serves to raise awareness of the fact that, unfortunately, breast cancer does not only affect women.

Stop and Coppafeel! demonstrates the UK charity’s important involvement in the fight against cancer and also highlights the importance of eliminating all forms of age, gender and ethnic discrimination from mass communication.

See the three animations here!

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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