Art Funny street art by Tom Bob
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Funny street art by Tom Bob

Giulia Pacciardi
La street art divertente di Tom Bob | 2

It’s useless to deny it: with the arrival of the cold seasons, the city loses all color capacity and turns into a grey monster, which, especially on rainy and/or cloudy days, seems to want to swallow us. Optimists will be able to remedy it with their positivity, meteor paths with sunlight, art lovers are waiting for a messiah.

Tom Bob, an American street artist, does not divide bread and fish or transforms water into wine, but manages to give a colored foothold to the most pessimistic like me, taking advantage of his own creativity and what the city itself offers.

And here in New York, strange concrete architectural works of art are transformed into a Beatles’ battery, red counters into bright lobsters, grilles in cages for libertine birds, pipes in proboscis.

For your daily dose of color, here are some other artist ideas to guess.


ArtNew Yorkstreet artStreet ArtistTom Bob
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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