Design “The 11th Street Bridge Park”, a project for D.C.

“The 11th Street Bridge Park”, a project for D.C.

Emanuele D'Angelo

After the latest innovative building on the Asian continent, the Oma architecture studio is back to surprise us with a new project for the city of Washington.
This time they have thought of a total renovation “The 11th Street Bridge Park“, a fundamental area that connects two historically different sides of the river with a series of spaces and landscapes that will give the city an engaging place that remains anchored to the Anacostia River.
At a time when we are paradoxically isolated from each other but united in a common cause, the public spaces that we all share and that benefit our health have become more important than ever”.

OMA and Olin, who won a competition to redesign the area in 2014, have now released new renderings detailing “The 11th Street Bridge Park” with several green spaces and mixed-use buildings.

The 11th Street Bridge Park” will be both an elevated artery and a tourist destination, where two banks of the river converge and coexist. There will be an open and flexible square, designed to host markets, festivals and theatre performances. The paths that frame this square further enhance the bridge as a center of activity, providing areas for play and relaxation.
Paths on either side of the river will be connected by ramps allowing visitors to take a fresh look at the city’s beautiful skyline. Extending along the river, the paths of the Anacostia River join together to form a ring, embracing the route from the Navy Yard side and connecting the opposite banks in one place. The architectural form that emerges creates an iconic encounter, an “X” immediately recognizable as a new image of the river.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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