“Air” by David Findlay – an ode to human connection

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After almost a year of limits, rules, restrictions, distances and fears, what have we got? Let’s think about it. We have been deprived of physical contact, one of the most important things, but has everything really been taken away from us?
David Findlay has seen fit about it and Air is the short film that best answers that question.

Playing with the subtractions and highlighting all the measures we are taking for protection, Air makes us understand that there is something stronger that binds us together.
This short film reminds us that, even though we are all physically divided, there is still something that connects human beings. It is nothing concrete and tangible, it is something energetic and powerful, it is a mental bond that goes beyond everything: it is the human connection.

On the notes of Le Vide Est Ton Nouveau Prénom by La Femme, Air makes us reflect on the meaning of our gestures and behavior, it is a tribute to the human spirit and its resistance.


“Nothing can come between us”


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