Analysis Paralysis, the side effects of thinking too much

Federica Cimorelli
Analysis Paralysis |

In Analysis Paralysis, Anete Melece‘s animated short film, two stories intertwine. They are those of Anton, a chess enthusiast, always accompanied by his dachshund, a man afflicted by the constant urge to over-analyse his surroundings, and a gardener in the park that Anton often visits, a woman always on the lookout for the vandal who ruins her flowerbeds.
Their stories intertwine a little by chance, a little by choice, even though they are very different. They happen because of a common desire and the combination of Anton’s need to put his thoughts in order and the gardener’s insecurity and desire for approval.

Analysis Paralysis is a sweet and gentle film, full of lovable characters and made in a charming style. It is a short film that pushes an everyday scenario to a fantastical extreme and weaves a good plot without the need for spoken conversation to drive the narrative. Anete Melece made it by drawing with markers, abounding in saturated tones and maintaining a precise and virtuoso aesthetic.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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