Any Creative Form | Domenico Romeo

Giulia Guido

Any Creative Form is an original documentary series, produced by Studio and Loft Films.
Each episode tells the story of one of the leading exponents of contemporary creative culture.
The fifth protagonist is Domenico Romeo, one of the most interesting Italian artists and designers that lives in Milan.

Any Creative Form was created with the aim of investigating contemporary creative culture to fill a gap created by the new content distributors, strongly focused on another type of product.
Do you think that our project can become a starting point for brands, streaming platforms, and entertainment giants?

Why not? From what I see you do so much better than a lot of rubbish that others offer us daily in different forms.

Your artistic career has undergone several changes over the years, you started with the study of the Gothic alphabet, then you faced oriental influences and finally, you chose the line as a way of expression. In what contexts did these changes take place? What determined your evolution?

I don’t know exactly what determines the evolution of things. And, creatively speaking, I don’t even know what brought me here. Who knows what the future holds for me? Surely asking oneself questions helps to ask oneself more questions and then to ask oneself more questions again. I think that’s more or less what happens. 

“I do what I do to express what cannot be expressed”. This is how the episode about you of Any Creative Form starts. What do you mean with “what cannot be expressed” and where does this need of yours come from?

We all have layers of the subconscious to feed. But there are those who want to do it and there are those who don’t. I have tried to do it through signs, gestures, and movement. But I don’t know exactly what communicates to you. 

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