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Déguste, the deep bond between food and man

It’s called Déguste, the latest work by Stéphane Baz. Stéphane’s career is more than curious: since he was young he has studied in cooking schools and only in parallel and in a totally self-taught way has he cultivated a passion for directing. Today, the director succeeds in combining his passions, transforming his love for food into the protagonist of his short films.

In particular, in Déguste we enter the kitchen of a restaurant and see what happens before the service until we get to the composition of the last dish. The short has an original cut, especially for the choice of superimposing the chef’s point of view on our own, as if we were in the kitchen.

Moreover, thanks to the editing done by Maeva Issico, all the phases of the preparation of the dishes are alternated with macro images of the foods that, cut or cooked, change consistency, creating a parallelism between the nerves of the meat and those of man, the heart of the cook who beats faster and faster with a flower of pumpkin that opens and closes.

‘”Deguste’ is an experimental movie that uses food to examine the pressure a cook faces. It doesn’t aim to make people hungry, but to make them feel tension.”

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Déguste, the deep bond between food and man