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Birdlime, what happens when a bird lives in a cage?

Evan DeRushie is a director and animator who specializes in the technique of stop motion and among his works stands out the version of The Little Prince made in 2015. His last work is called Birdlime, an animated short in which we are placed next to a bird in a cage to understand the effects of this life on animals.

The Canadian director was inspired by a trip to Thailand, where Evan DeRushie’s attention was captured by caged animals on which it was written not to take pictures. The spread of images of these animals would, in fact, have raised the demand for these species, already at risk of extinction.

That’s how the idea for Birdlime was born, a short suitable for everyone because the problem of the illegal trade in many exotic animals is a problem that affects everyone, regardless of age. The title itself already introduces the viewer to the subject, birdlime in English is a sticky substance that is placed on the branches of trees, thus helping hunters to catch birds, which once they put their legs on it will not be able to detach.

Watch Birdlime to the end, it’s worth it!

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Birdlime, what happens when a bird lives in a cage?