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Duolingo’s campaign for World Tattoo Day

On the occasion of World Tattoo Day, which falls every year on March 21, Duolingo has launched the #TattooDuoOver campaign.

The popular social network dedicated to teaching foreign languages has decided to make itself available to its users for two weeks by translating tattoos appropriately.

Basically, if during a trip abroad or in a fit of madness you’ve decided to get a tattoo in a language other than your mother tongue and you’re not 100% sure that the tattoo artist has translated your requests correctly, this is the right time to find out.

All you have to do is upload the photo of the tattoo on Twitter, tagging Duolingo UK and using the tag #TattooDuoOver. For the shy ones, there is also the possibility of sending an email to the address created ad hoc: [email protected]

Are you ready to discover the truth? While you’re thinking about it, watch the brilliant campaign video.

Duolingo’s campaign for World Tattoo Day