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GB Group’s immersive performance art

The last talent to open its doors to Alhambra, after Odd Garden, Rota Lab and Orthographe, was the GB Group.
Inspired by writers and philosophers of postmodernism, it was born in London in 2015 with the aim of making art more democratic to the public.

All the performances made by the group come to life thanks to the public, which not only interacts with the work but also creates them physically and mentally, giving rise to real “living objects”.
On the occasion of their event at Studio Saffi 11, we had a chat with the three founders, Giordano Boetti Raganelli, Leonardo Gualco, and Alessandro Giacobbe, and they told us the genesis, meaning and intent of their project.

Find out more about GB Group’s work by watching the short documentary that you can find here.


Production: Studio
Talent: GB Group
Video maker: Vieri dalla Chiesa
Client: Alhambra

GB Group’s immersive performance art
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