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Belly Flop, all that matters is that you keep trying

After 7 years of work, realization, and production, last November the animated short Belly Flop saw the light and also the success.

Directed by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon, the video tells the story of Penny, a little girl who makes us like her from the first second, who goes to the pool, accompanied by her grandmother. Penny is immediately fascinated by the skill of a beautiful, blonde, tall, thin and admired by everyone in diving.

Our protagonist doesn’t care that she doesn’t know how to do them, she wants to try the same. She gets on the first trampoline, dives in and, belly flop. But, with perseverance and just that pinch of naivety that we need, he climbs on the second trampoline, dives and, belly flop. How many of you would have surrendered? But not Penny, and then he goes up on the third trampoline, the highest one and… No, I can’t spoil you so the ending, because it’s all to see!

It’s about Sand Wanderer HERE.


Belly Flop, all that matters is that you keep trying