How To Be Alone, the short thriller film that reveals the deepest fears

Giulia Guido

For the most careful fans of Stranger Things, the name Kate Trefry won’t be new, in fact, the young screenwriter has signed some of the episodes of the original Netflix series. How To Be Alone is her latest creation, a psychological thriller that has nothing to envy to feature films released in cinemas.

The protagonist, played by Mika Monroe, is a young freelance photographer married to a doctor, played by Joe Kerry, Steve Harrington himself Stranger Things, who, while he goes to the hospital for the night shift, waits for him at home.

Once she has closed the door and been left alone in silence, she is forced to face all her fears, about the future, about her plans, about her work. All doubts and perplexities that in everyday life are hidden, latent, but never completely overcome.

How To Be Alone a perfect short film, representative of a genre that often becomes ridiculous, but I assure you that this is not the case.

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