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“THE END”, a hypnotic and bewitching tribute to cinema

In 2020, the world came to a standstill and so did the cinema. With cinemas closed and productions discontinued, we have had time and opportunity to re-watch our favourite films, catch up on the great titles we missed and simply wait for the reopenings.
During this period of lockdown, French director Fabrice Mathieu took the opportunity to create a new short film. His film is called “THE END” and is a beautiful homage to classic and modern cinema.

THE END” is an experimental narrative work in black and white and colour, made from over 500 existing film gifs from silent cinema to the present day. The selected scenes come from hundreds of different films and, placed side by side, allow us to discover references and influences from the history of cinema throughout the ages. Recurring themes, analogous formats and similar shots, to the tune of Ennio Morricone’s “My Fault?“, offer the viewer a hypnotic and bewitching journey and allow him to immerse himself completely in the seventh art.

Nosferatu, The Godfather, Léon, Taxi Driver, Inception, The Shining, The Big Lebowski, Forrest Gump, Edward Scissorhands, Grand Budapest Hotel, Pulp Fiction and Fight Club are just some of the films mentioned in this short film. Can you recognise them all?

“THE END”, a hypnotic and bewitching tribute to cinema