“Rosemarie’s Life”, a powerful 3D animation short film

Federica Cimorelli
Rosemarie’s Life

A few weeks ago, the Swiss government and a number of health organizations in the country launched a new alliance to strengthen the careers of young people in the field. Accompanying the initiative to recruit clinical staff is a long-term campaign running until 2023. The first part, launched just last week, is a sweet and powerful 3D animated short film, is titled “Rosemarie’s Life” and is produced by creative agency ROOF Studio.

Rosemarie’s Life” tells the story of Rosemarie, a 90-year-old woman born in Germany during the Second World War. The story traces different moments and periods of her life – from childhood to adulthood – and goes through her joys, sorrows, challenges and personal struggles.
Today, Rosemarie resides in a nursing home in Switzerland, is supported on a daily basis by medical staff and her story will never be forgotten.

This piece is a perfect example of the ROOF way of making films — great storytelling, heavy design, and an unbelievable amount of details.

Enjoy your viewing.


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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