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“Something New”, a short film mixing art and research

In the summer of 2020, the Wellcome charity undertook a research project to discover the ways in which young people were managing their mental health within months of the Covid-19 outbreak. The results were published in a report that collected testimonies and statements from several participants from 15 countries and 32 different cities.
Today, that project has been transformed into an even more engaging creative idea that has combined art and research to convey a mental health message. Entitled “Something New”, it is an animated short film produced by London-based creative agency Flying Object.

Commissioned by the international mental health cultural program Wellcome, “Something New” illustrates and tells the story of the approach the young people interviewed have taken over the last few months and how they have dealt with the challenges of lockdown. The short film is based on the text of the poem written by Koleka Putuma and was illustrated and directed by Ivyy Chen.

This project goes beyond rhetoric and focuses on capturing the positive mechanisms and creative methods that young people have approached face to face with isolation. Telling the research findings in an emotional and accessible way, “Something New” goes beyond any negativity and illustrates the young people’s “active ingredients” – the positive and proactive solutions they implemented to deal with difficulties.

With the empathic and expressive power of poetry, coupled with the power of colors and images, “Something New” is a brilliant and creative piece of content that speaks effectively and creatively about mental health to a young audience.

Enjoy your viewing.


Written and Narrated by Koleka Putuma
Direction, Design, Editing by Ivyy Chen
Animation by Ivyy Chen, Marguerite Dumans, Yi Chi Chen
Sound Design by Alberto Ruiz Soler
Produced by Flying Object


Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Something New”, a short film mixing art and research