“We’ll Meet Again”, Heineken’s new global campaign

Federica Cimorelli

While there is a struggle in Europe to figure out how to reopen after a year of closures and bans due to the coronavirus pandemic, Heineken has just released its new global campaign, a project that celebrates human enjoyment and the inventive measures people have taken to stay safe while continuing to contemplate life outside their homes.
The campaign in question is entitled We’ll Meet Again, is the brainchild of Publicis Italia and was directed by award-winning director François Rousselet.

We’ll Meet Again” is the latest episode of #SocialiseResponsibly, a series launched just over a year ago to support citizens around the world during the lockdown.
This latest episode tells the story of how people have managed to turn the few everyday moments into something unexpected and fun and shows their ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Going out for a night walk with your pet or dressing up for a gala evening to take out the rubbish are just some of the diversions created to experience – in total safety – a little freedom.

We’ll Meet Again” captures a collective feeling, shows real life experiences, celebrates everyone’s spirit of initiative and power of imagination. Enjoy.


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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