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The Long Goodbye, the short film starring Riz Ahmed

We have no doubts about Riz Ahmed‘s ability, just rewatch the mini-series “The Night Of” or “Sound of Metal“, a film that last year brought him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.
The talent of the young Englishman of Pakistani origin is undisputed and doesn’t stop at acting alone: Riz Ahmed is also a rapper who in 2020 unveiled his second studio album entitled “The Long Goodbye”, the same title he gave to the short film that accompanied its release and which is currently on the shortlist for a 2022 Oscar nomination in the Best Live Action Short Film category (and down among the favorites).

The 12-minute short film directed by director Aneil Karia talks about how people with origins different from the country they live in and were born in often feel like strangers in their own homes and, at times, completely abandoned.
All this is rendered on screen in an impactful and raw way, imagining a British family of Indian origin being taken from their home – along with other families in the neighborhood – by the police. The ending leaves no room for imagination or hope. 

Just as important as the images are the words rapped at the end by Riz Ahmed, which are part of his single Where You From. 

The Long Goodbye, the short film starring Riz Ahmed