The Shining starring Jim Carrey, the video that is driving the web crazy

How many times, while watching a film, have we thought that with another actor or actress the result would be much better? Well, it seems we can now replace the protagonists with our favorite actors. For example, in the video The Shining starring Jim Carrey, who became viral in a few hours, we see Jim Carrey taking the place of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. But the most exciting thing is not this.

You won’t believe it, but Jim Carrey had nothing to do with this video, the only ones responsible for this little masterpiece are the youtuber known by the name of Ctrl Shift Face and the DeepFaceLab software, which allows you to change any face of any video. Just choose a video and a face and upload photos or short clips with the new face.

Now, do not think that it is a simple thing and if you do not believe it then I invite you to watch this video of the youtuber that shows how many frames had to upload to get a perfect result.

And which character would you change?