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Vibram continues to explore our relationship with nature

Enea Colombi, director from Piacenza, directed Vibram‘s latest global campaign that relaunches a true cult of the Italian company, the FiveFingers.

A short film that tells us, in what seems to be a dystopian and enigmatic future, a forensic investigation that analyzes three footprints left by an unknown human being with a mysterious connection to nature.
This profound connection between nature and human being, analyzed by the forensic scientist, comes directly from the characteristics of Vibram’s FiveFingers, but the whole thing remains a mystery to the scholar who ends her reflection by leaving us with an implicit question, “When did we separate from nature?”.

For Vibram, the Five Fingers represent a newfound connection with nature, thanks to the sensations that pass through our feet, all we have to do is follow our instincts.
“Nature offers possibilities, not obstacles. You just have to learn again how to listen its voice”.

Vibram continues to explore our relationship with nature