The video of the octopus that dreams and changes color

Giulia Guido
octopus dreaming polipo |

Yellow, white, purple, black, camouflage, are the colors that took the skin of an octopus, which in a few days has become viral.

The protagonist of the video is Heidi, the octopus of the biologist David Scheel, who filmed his pet while he was sleeping, discovering that daytime polyps do not only change the color of the skin when necessary but also while they sleep.

The images show Heidi attached to the glass of the bathtub as she sleeps and, all of a sudden, her skin turns from yellow to white, like marble, and then turns to color so dark as to make it almost confuse with the background and end with camouflage color. David Scheel’s voice-over explains what’s going on, also trying to guess Heidi’s dreams.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the spectacle of nature!

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octopus dreaming polipo |

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