97%, why look for love online when it’s around us?

Giulia Guido
97% | Collater.al

Increasingly more people are relying on dating apps to find their soul mate, perhaps it’s because we’re no longer used to taking risks to meet someone. This is a delicate topic and director and author Ben Brand managed to put it on stage in a clear and universal way in the short film 97%.

Ben Brand took an ordinary person in a daily situation: a man is coming home from work and is sitting on the subway train when the phone rings. It is the notification of the umpteenth dating app that warns him that a 97% compatible person is less than 25 meters from him. The man begins to look around but does not understand who this might be, as long as he is disconsolate and does not cross a woman’s gaze. The connection is palpable.

It is at this point that the app warns him that the person compatible with his profile is moving away. The protagonist will have to make a choice: an unknown 97% compatible with his profile on an application or a flesh-and-blood woman sitting in front of him clearly interested.

We do not reveal the ending, to discover watch the video!

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