“Who are you?”, a short film about the unpredictability of fate

Federica Cimorelli
Who are you? | Collater.al

When everything goes wrong, we believe that it will be like that forever, that we will be forced to suffer endlessly and that we will never find a way out. But destiny is always capable of surprising us and of changing the cards on the table.
Who are you?“, Julio Pot‘s animated short, is a work that makes us reflect on these aspects because it investigates the unpredictability of destiny and the fragility of human life.

Who are you?” tells the story of a well-known writer with a creative block and his encounter with a girl who will change the state of his crisis. With a simple and essential aesthetic played with black and white and a hint of red, this short film teaches us that from unanswered questions we can always learn something new and that we should not be afraid of the future that awaits us, whatever it may be.


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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