Design Woodhouse 2.0, the house that merges with the forest

Woodhouse 2.0, the house that merges with the forest

Giulia Guido

Anyone living in a city like New York City will sooner or later end up wanting nothing more than a quiet place to recharge their batteries, away from horns, traffic lights, subway trains, and deafening noises. And maybe this place dreams of him not too far from where he lives, a one or two-hour drive away. That’s why Marchi Architects designed Woodhouse 2.0

Designed to be built on Long Island, among the oak woods, Woodhouse 2.0 has a design that overturns the concept of interior and exterior, above and below. 

The house has a circular plan with an inner courtyard surrounded by trees, which not only protects the building but also hides it, allowing its inhabitants total privacy. 

But, if this were not enough, the structure was designed to allow the tenants to carry out all the activities inside: the external wall is in fact entirely made of a coating of wooden slats and smooth concrete, interspersed with a few windows; while the facade overlooking the inner courtyard is entirely made of glass. In this way, the exterior becomes the most central point of the house. 

Woodhouse 2.0 is on one floor only, but the oblique ceiling, which starts from the ground, allows you to climb up and walk or drive around it. Then, even once you reach the highest point, you can enter the house through stairs that also allow you to create skylights. 

Who wouldn’t want a summer house like Woodhouse 2.0?!

Written by Giulia Guido
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