Style What is Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga?

What is Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga?

Andrea Tuzio

It’s breaking news: Ye, Demna and Gap have announced their upcoming collaboration
With a post on his Instagram account, Kanye West – who now goes by Ye exclusively – let the world know that a partnership deal has been signed between YEEZY, Balenciaga and Gap that will be called Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga with a first drop expected in June.

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If the collection that marked the return to haute couture of Balenciaga after 53 years last July – the first ever designed by Demna – was a huge success, not to mention the pop happening realized for Spring/Summer 2022, Ye on the other hand has established a ten-year collaborative relationship with Gap that has had and still has all the spotlights on it.

“It’s a vision come true to work with Gap and Demna, Balenciaga’s creative director, to make an incredible product available to everyone at all times”, Ye told Vogue moments ago. 

As we told you here, collaborations have dominated the 2021 of fashion cannibalizing the offer and turning into an extreme of the same concept of partnership that in many cases has not met neither the premises nor the expectations.

Things look different here, at least with respect to what the protagonists say: “This is a very different challenge. I’ve always appreciated the utilitarianism and accessibility of Gap. I share some of the same sensibilities in my creative language. This project has allowed me to join forces [with Ye] to create utilitarian fashion for everyone”, Demna also told Vogue. We’ll see how much this “democratization” will then be effective when the collabo makes its market debut.

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Over the past while, the two have been planting a solid foundation to build this new collaboration, “there’s a certain urban minimalism and poetry to our aesthetic, [and] also a desire to push the boundaries further and further“, Demna added to Vogue.
In fact, Balenciaga’s creative director directly curated the sets and livestreams for Donda’s listenting parties in both Atlanta and Chicago, in addition to creating all the merch for the events and the album.

“There are very few people I know, especially of Ye’s caliber, who understand my work so well. It makes me step out of my comfort zone and be a better designer. There is no ego when we collaborate, just a mutual drive to evolve and make something great and new, Demna said in conclusion.

For now what we know is that the first drop of Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga should be there in June and it’s likely that it won’t remain the only one. Stay Tuned!

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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