Design 5 archistars’ houses for rent

5 archistars’ houses for rent

Giorgia Massari

You know those crazy houses from architecture and design magazines? The ones designed by archistars, that we often see on Instagram feeds and seem unapproachable? Actually, they are not so unapproachable. On Airbnb, in the design section, there is a catalogue of dream homes that can be rented and enjoyed for a five-star stay. Prices range from hundreds to thousands of euros per night, but to sleep within the walls designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is well worth it!

Let’s discover five of these villas we have selected for this summer.

#1 Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler, Dolomites

It is a semi-detached house in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites, just outside Bolzano. Designed by architect Peter Pichler, the Mirror houses are an example of extremely avant-garde contemporary architecture. The exterior walls are entirely covered with mirrors that reflect the surrounding landscape, blending in with the mountains. The cost is around €250 per night.

#2 Bernard Schwartz House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

This is perhaps the dream of all architects and enthusiasts: to sleep in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who also designed the Guggenheim in New York. The house is located on the East Twin River near Lake Michigan and dates back to 1939, when Wright built it for the family of Bernard Schwartzel. Its T-shaped floor plan allows guests to enjoy a wonderful view of the river. The interior, on the other hand, is spread over two floors. On the ground floor everything revolves around the central fireplace, while two terraces overlook the garden. The cost is approximately 600 eur per night.

#3 Sunflower House by Clara Solà-Morales on the Cap de Creus peninsula in Port de la Selva

Its name reflects its structure. The “sunflower” house by Clara Solà-Morales opens up like a flower on the Mediterranean, making the most of the natural light thanks to the large windows overlooking the sea. On the other hand, the house is framed by the hills of the Costa Brava, on the Cap de Creus peninsula in Port de la Selva, Spain. The cost is around 500 euros per night.

#4 Invisible House di Hanley in collaboration with Tomas Osinski, in the Joshua Tree desert in California

This house, located in the Joshua Tree desert, seems to disappear among the rocks. Its outer structure, narrow and long, is covered entirely with mirrors. The contrast between concrete and glass, which also recurs in the interior, makes it a “skyscraper-house” in the desert. Given its location in a natural park, its construction required special ecological attention. The house has an area of 500 square metres and is equipped with an indoor swimming pool. It costs between €2,000 and €3,000 per night.

#5 Muralla Roja by Bofill Ricardo in Calpe, Spain

The Muralla Roja was built in 1973 by architect Ricardo Bofill. It is famous for being part of the set of The Hunger Games and for its particular colour, sparkling pink. Originally conceived to be a residential building with a sea view, today it is divided into holiday flats for rent. It is located in Calpe, in the province of Alicante, and is clearly Arab-inspired. The structure is similar to a fortress, with high walls in different shades of pink. To stay in the ‘surrealist house’, the cost is around 200€ per night.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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