Art All the books we want to read this spring

All the books we want to read this spring

Anna Frattini

After the last selection made at the end of last year, we have decided to gather here all the books we want to read this spring. Among photography, art, design, and style (not forgetting fiction), we have collected all the most interesting readings according to the editorial team. We start with a photo book – Scandalous Book – which collects a series of photocopies made on Harriet Richardson‘s last day of work, a provocative book just like the author (here’s her Instagram profile). Then we move on to Three Dimensional Type, a gem for those who want to delve into the theme of lettering and typography in the age of AI. For the style section, instead, we thought of a coffee table book, Pharrell: Carbon, Pressure & Time, a book that collects many significant jewels in the history of hip-hop. There is also Tattoo You edited by Phaidon, with an introduction by Alice Snape. In preparation for the Milan Design Week, we also want to point out Olivetti. Storia di una collezione, a book that collects over 500 communication, graphic, and advertising objects that the municipality of Cesano Maderno has chosen to exhibit at Palazzo Arese Borromeo during the next Milan Design Week, from April 13 to June 2, 2024. We have also left room for fiction by proposing a book by Emily Austin that we are seeing everywhere, Everyone in This Room will Someday be Dead published in Italy by Blackie Edizioni.

#1 Scandalous Book written by Harriet Richardson

#2 Three Dimensional Type

#3 Pharrell: Carbon, Pressure and Time written by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with NIGO® and Tyler the Creator

#4 Tattoo You with an introduction written by Alice Snape

#5 Olivetti. Storia di una collezione written by Sergio Polano and Alessandro Santero

#6 Everyone in This Room will Someday be Dead written by Emily Austin

Written by Anna Frattini
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