Art The apps of today in the 90s, the idea by Computer Futures

The apps of today in the 90s, the idea by Computer Futures

Federica Cimorelli

In recent decades, technology has transformed the way we live and work. If we just think about the dynamics of the last year, for example, we can see how much technological development has allowed us to continue working from home, keeping our relationships active and providing us with entertainment and distraction.
Many things have changed compared to the past, but what would our daily lives be like today if platforms such as Microsoft Teams, TikTok, Tinder or Facebook had not yet been created? More importantly, what would these applications look like in the 90s?
Undercover, the creative director of recruitment company Computer Futures tried to imagine what they would look like and came up with a very curious creative project.

Relying on a wealth of experience in the technology industry, Computer Future, or whoever, undertook an observation of the present and combined the technology of today with that available thirty years ago.

So TikTok is transformed into an old VHS camera and combines contemporary fun and entertainment with the eternal human desire to film and watch oneself through images. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, takes the form of a fax machine, an essential device in companies in the 90s and an indispensable communication tool. Tinder can be regarded as a video game because it is highly playful, connects users through conversations and bases its interaction on a few buttons. Facebook, for its part, becomes a pocket pal, the ancestor of the cell phone, useful for storing names, birthdays, events and reminders.
Finally, Amazon Prime Video can become nothing more than a DVD player, essential for long car journeys and watching a film on-the-go.

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With this colourful design, Computer Futures takes us on a journey into the past and gives us a healthy dose of nostalgia.
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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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