Design 10 designer candles for Lebanon
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10 designer candles for Lebanon

House of Today gathers 10 Lebanese designers for Candle Project, all proceeds go to Beit Chabeb Hospital
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We recently discovered House of Today, a nonprofit organization that cultivates a sustainable design ecosystem in Lebanon. What struck us was their latest project, The Candle Project, which involves ten Lebanese designers creating handcrafted sculptural candles. Everything is done to support Beit Chabeb Hospital, thus combining creativity and solidarity. Each piece in the collection, from the architectural vision of “Aspiration” by Aline Asmar d’Amman to the surreal representation of “I am here” by LimbObject, tells a story and conveys a particular emotion. This initiative not only celebrates tradition and craftsmanship, but also demonstrates how design can be an engine of social change and support for charitable initiatives. Scroll down to discover all the candles, true one-of-a-kind pieces of collectible design.

Tamara Barrage | Silhouettes

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“Silhouettes” came about by following a deeply instinctive and naive design process through sketches on paper. With a thin marker in hand, line by line, a new form was born.

Richard Yasmine | Sinking sun for another one

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“Sinking sun for another one” embodies deep symbolism, evoking a celebration of renewal and growth, along with the belief that every sunset does not signify an end, but rather the promise of new beginnings.

Aline Asmar d’Amman | Aspiration

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‘Aspiration’ is a sculptural candle inspired by the Lady of Lebanon, Harissa. The candle serves as a poetic call to elevation, a nod to eternal hopes for a brighter Lebanon, fragmented but fused together on a solid foundation.

Flavie Audi | Nothing is forever

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“Nothing is forever” serves as a reminder that all things are transitory. The work shows two rocks swirling and spiraling together, joined in a bond that evokes the cosmic intertwining of all beings and things.

Nada Debs | Spiritual sphere

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Spiritual Sphere was originally designed for meditation purposes. It translates the state of existence into a candle, where the light reflects off the texture and creates an even more immersive effect.

Carla Baz | Chrysalis

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“Chrysalis” is designed with a geometric nature. The delicate piece, once it fulfills its initial purpose, transforms into a distinct object – a vase for dried flowers – granting it a second life.

david/nicolas | Strat

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“Strat” draws inspiration from the many layers of Lebanese architecture, combined with the country’s stunning natural mountainous regions. The designers capture the stark contrast between the distant, soft mountain peaks and the sharp, if not brutalist, architecture.

Sayar & Garibeh | Flaws

“Flaws” draws inspiration from the representation of a body. Flaws on the candle serve as a powerful reminder that imperfections are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated.

200 Grs | Blrrrrr

Transcending the ordinary, the flame of “Blrrrr” is seen as a symbol of transformation, elevating ordinary thoughts to a higher plane of imagination, where everyday worries fade and the mind opens to new possibilities.

LimbObject | I am here

“I am here” draws inspiration from the ways in which wax melts and, in this experience, how a poetic discourse about the transformation of its forms emerges. It captures the feeling of how candles offer light, on dark nights.
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