Art The daily and therapeutic posters by Elijah Jambalaya
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The daily and therapeutic posters by Elijah Jambalaya

Federica Cimorelli

Form 1st January 2020 Elijah Jambalaya, famous on Instagram as @toastedbyeli, started an extraordinary art-therapeutic project. His rule is only one: publish one poster a day. 
Putting it this way may seem like a challenge all too simple, but only after carefully studying his profile can you understand that his work is much more complicated than expected.

Publishing one poster a day, in fact, seems to be a pretext for Elijah to analyze and get to know himself, improve his lifestyle and narrate his therapeutic path.
Choose to publish the result of his work on himself is also a solidarity decision who finds consent from those who, like him, live difficult moments.

His posters are connected by a fil rouge even if they deal with a different subject every day. His messages encourage everyone to analyze themselves, see the positive side of life, be honest with their own emotions, make peace with their own fears, recognize change and accept it as the only condition for growth.

Even if we don’t know Elijah’s face we know many things about him thanks to what he shares through his art. His works are little pills of wisdom: they make us face every moment with positivity and remind us how important wellness is in everyday life.

His style is in contrast to his type of artistic intervention. Elijah Jambalaya in fact mixes grunge and pop aesthetics and his images take up the style of the two-dimensional and neon stickers released by Microsoft, the clip art.
The result is an original mix of artistic and cultural references from the 90s, halfway between modern and contemporary.

Today his posters are more than 300. Take a look at a selection here, visit his Instagram profile and follow him in his daily story.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Artgraphic designposter art
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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