Design Dune House, the house hidden and visible only from the sea

Dune House, the house hidden and visible only from the sea

Giulia Guido

Imagine you are in Boston, take the car and after just over an hour you are on the coast, more precisely in Cape Cod. It is precisely for this location that Studio Vural, which has always specialized in designing structures with intelligent solutions, designed the Dune House

It is a house that combines an avant-garde technological system with an innovative design.

The Dune House, in fact, is a completely autonomous and self-sufficient house: it is connected to an autonomous electricity grid powered by a field of solar panels and small wind turbines. But the real difference, from an energy point of view, is the location of the house itself, literally under the sand dunes. The Dune Hose represents the house of the future, whose construction and design is not only entrusted to the architect, but also to engineers specialized in soil composition, materials experts and independent farmers. 

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As already mentioned, Studio Vural’s project has succeeded in combining technology with design. The Dune House is, in fact, hidden under the dunes and arriving from the hinterland is impossible to see. Only from the sea, you can admire the large windows and, above all, the open-air corridor that divides the house in two, creating an indissoluble relationship between interior and exterior, between architecture and environment. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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