Short video for Breakfast – The incredible animated shorts of the École des Gobelins

4 February 2019

Every year, the students of the second year of the École des Gobelins realize animated shorts with special effects. This year's shorts are great!

I’ve been discovering the École des Gobelins for some time now and the wonderful videos that its students are able to make. Here I want to talk about three animated shorts designed and created by second-year students, who are starting to get used to special effects.

All 3 videos last less than one minute, and in this short time, they manage to tell a story, which although it is without dialogues, conveys very strong themes and emotions.

The first one, Fruit Defendu (Forbidden Fruit), I chose this one because it hides a strong element of suspense that leaves you speechless.

ecole des gobelins |

The second, Les Cendres Froides (Cold Ash) is much more melancholic and sad, but profoundly universal. A woman sitting on the train is swallowed up in her own stream of thoughts and memories; who has it never happened to?

ecole des gobelins |

The last one is the one I like the most and is called Plongeon d’été (Summer Dives). I think this short film can have two readings, one more aesthetic and superficial, which takes into account just the beauty of the video and the technique, and one deeper: the dive of the child creates a moment of concern in bathers, who do not pay particular attention, but the child who has to dive after her is pervaded by fear, so as to pull back.

ecole des gobelins |


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