Art Erik Jensen and the mosaics created from recycled PC keyboards
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Erik Jensen and the mosaics created from recycled PC keyboards

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Erik Jensen e i mosaici nati dal riciclo | 9

Erik Jensen is from Utah, studied Art Education at Utah Valley University and was also a sculpture and drawing teacher at a high school. He has received several artistic awards over the years in 2010, 2017 and 2018 and has participated in numerous exhibitions as an artist. But what is your field of action?

He creates unique pieces, pictures, to be precise, obtained from unused computer keyboards for recycled works of art that have as raw material parts that not even large companies are able to recycle.

The keys undergo different processes before being fixed on the supports. It starts with cleaning, removing the keys, coloring, laying, gluing and finally framing a unique and spectacular work. The result is a super-colored mosaic.

The artist loves to reproduce paintings of art, from Van Gogh to Mondrian, Vermeer, Hokusai, but also logos of large companies such as Google, but also flowers, spirals, and landscapes. In short, his art ranges from one extreme to another for great results. The works are designed for display at home or in the office. Prints are also available in various sizes and custom orders are welcome.

Text by Elisa Scotti

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