Art Farnesina Digital Art Experience, Italian digital art in the world

Farnesina Digital Art Experience, Italian digital art in the world

Giulia Guido

The first stage of Farnesina Digital Art Experience took place last October 23rd in Leipzig. 

The project was born in collaboration with Bright Festival with the aim of promoting and enhancing Italian digital art in the world and has well taken the form of a multimedia exhibition inaugurated in Leipzig and that in the next two years will stop in several countries including France, Austria, England, Holland, Russia, Canada, USA, Argentina, Japan and Mexico.

Farnesina Digital Art Experience has involved 14 of the best Italian digital art studios that have created a huge immersive art experience, in particular, the participants are: Antaless Visual Design, Antica Proietteria, Apparati Effimeri, FLxER, Kanaka Studio, Luca Agnani Studio, Michele Pusceddu, Monogrid, Mou Factory, Olo Creative Farm, OOOPStudio, Pixel Shapes, The Fake Factory and WöA Creative Company.

We are proud to represent our country in such a fascinating and innovative context, which promotes the exchange between cultures through digital art“. – Claudio Caciolli, artistic director of Bright Festival

The event that took place in Leipzig was hosted inside the large spaces of Kunstkraftwerk, a former power plant that in recent years has proved to be the perfect place to host large immersive exhibitions. Its large halls, in fact, in addition to giving artists the opportunity to develop large works of art, have allowed, even in this particular period, visitors to enjoy the experience following all safety regulations. 

In addition to the works created by the 14 studios, visitors were also able to see two site-specific installations signed by the Italian art studio The Fake Factory and were accompanied by live performances by Kanaka Studio and FLxER and Verboten Berlin. 

Stay tune to keep updating.

Written by Giulia Guido
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