Design The floating hotel in the middle of the sea by Balance Design

The floating hotel in the middle of the sea by Balance Design

Emanuele D'Angelo

Have you always dreamed of dropping everything and taking refuge in a secluded place away from it all? Well, then we have identified a place made just for you.
The “Balance design” studio led by Dong Xinmeng has built a hotel on a floating island 500 meters off the coast of the southern province of Fujian in China.

The project is called “Hi sea floating hotel” and it was very difficult to realize it. First of all, the architects had to deal with the ocean currents and monsoons that often hit the region.
“Hi sea floating hotel” is made of the same anti-corrosion materials found in yachts, so that even the finishes can withstand any weather event.

After finding the exact location, the architects by Balance Design carefully calculated buoyancy by taking a cue from rafts, reserving excess bearing capacity to ensure that the main body of the building would be strong and firm in the face of all-weather.

The interior accommodations are also not bad at all: in 500 square meters you will find three bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, all finely furnished.

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Well, now that you know where it is, you just have to keep your word. All that’s left is for you to take the first plane to isolate yourself from everything, in your floating island watching sunrises and sunsets far away from the world.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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