Art Flaminia Veronesi builds a magical universe at GERMI’s

Flaminia Veronesi builds a magical universe at GERMI’s

Giorgia Massari
flaminia veronesi

Magical creatures, dragons, rainbows, dinosaurs, this is the imagery that artist Flaminia Veronesi brings to GERMI for the first appointment of the new Milanese format Contaminazioni, held yesterday, April 10th. After the success of the Look At Me trilogy, a format of temporary exhibitions in Milanese nightlife venues, curators Manuela Nobile and Sara Van Bussel continue to bring together the world of art with other spheres, this time with that of music. In dialogue with Veronesi’s magical, miniature universe – last year’s protagonist at Marni’s flagship store – are the sweet songs with heterogeneous sounds by Delicatoni. The stage of the venue, which saw the birth of Afterhours, welcomed the band, which performed with a video work by the artist behind them. The result was a perfect encounter, as if tailor-made. The two imaginations, the artistic one and the musical one, found their common denominator in the intimate dimension, which brought the participants back to the carefree attitude typical of childhood.

flaminia veronesi
FLAMINIA VERONESI, Fantasieria | Ph Angelo Guttadauro

Flaminia Veronesi and the exercise of the absurd

┬źFascinated by miniatures since childhood, for years Flaminia Veronesi has made entire worlds in tiny dimensions, often set on supports such as hats, furniture or backs of whales and animals,┬╗ explains the SVB-MN curatorial duo, Nobile – Van Bussel. Indeed, the paintings and sculptures featured at GERMI are like the material concretization of a child’s view of the world. Veronesi calls them an exercise in the absurd, a way of cultivating the imaginative memory that belongs to each of us, but faded by adulthood. Like a child who brings inanimate objects to life, so does Flaminia, who makes a toy dinosaur into a lamp. Again, it is the work Fantasieria that is particularly intriguing by unambiguously referring back to childhood – especially girlhood – looking back to our dollhouses and all the dreams they held. If on the one hand in Flaminia Veronesi’s works there is a return to our past, on the other hand the technique and subjects inevitably take us even further back in time to the primordial and mythical dimension, reflecting in every way our history and that of the world.

flaminia veronesi
Ph Angelo Guttadauro

Most personal in its nature, the exhibition aims to stand as the laying bare of Flaminia, who in her cosmos of small things sees the archetype of her whole practice, of a vision of art and creative poetics that is hands, effort, dream, play but above all care.

Manuela Nobile & Sara Van Bussel

The exhibition is on view through Sunday, April 14 from 6 p.m. to midnight at GERMI, 14/A Cicco Simonetta Street, Milan.
The project is courtesy of Tommaso Calabro Gallery, with Istituto Italiano di Fotografia IFF and Rolling Stone.

Courtesy Flaminia Veronesi

Written by Giorgia Massari
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