Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear

Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Style

Today is scheduled the U.S. release of the new fragment x Air Jordan 3, spotted a few months ago by Hiroshi Fujiwara founder of fragment design, and we take this opportunity to tell you his story.

When we talk about Hiroshi Fujiwara we are talking about a real legend. A legacy lasting more than 30 years for one of the most influential personalities in the history of contemporary fashion and more precisely of streetwear culture.

Born in 1964 in the small town of Ise, located in the Kii peninsula in the center of di Mie prefecture in the Kansai region, Fujiwara moved to Tokyo at the age of 18, fascinated by culture, music and Western style, he went to London where he fell in love with the punk-rock scene in the English capital and where he met Malcom McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols and husband of Vivienne Westwood, who suggested he go to New York.

His trips to the Big Apple in the early 80s gave him the opportunity to get in touch with the hip hop culture, of which he became a great fan, to the point of buying records in the United States and taking them to Tokyo and playing them in clubs. He became one of the first Japanese hip hop producers and DJs and contributed in a decisive way to the diffusion of the genre and the culture itself related to hip hop. 

He soon became a landmark and one of the fathers of the Ura-Harajuku scene in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, one of the world’s leading street culture districts.

His passion for pop culture then became the bridge that allowed him to get in touch with people like Shawn Stussy and be part of the International Stussy Tribe, a collective of individuals that reflected the brand’s philosophy based on rebellion that came from punk, reggae relaxation and the chill mentality of surfers. The International Stussy Tribe was a group of unlikely people, all friends and confidants of Shawn’s, from the most diverse influences that created something incredible. 

The foundations of the enormous impact that Hiroshi Fujiwara had on Japanese street culture first and on global streetwear later, are all in the column “Last Orgy” written and conceived in 1987 by Fujiwara himself and published by the independent magazine “Takarajima”.

In 1990 he founded his first brand GOODENOUGH, characterized by the graphics of a very young Shinichiro Nakamura aka Sk8Thing, the mind behind Cav Empt, and was the forerunner of the limited edition of the garments. 

Fujiwara was also fundamental for the affirmation of two other key characters of streetculture, NIGO and Jun Takahashi who opened the NOWHERE store thanks to him.

At the end of the 90s the Tokyo street scene exploded all over the world while Fujiwara was right in the middle of it, GOODENOUGH became fragment design, its main project.
The explosive impact of Fujiwara’s aesthetic approach influenced the entire contemporary fashion scene, from high fashion to skate brands, from Louis Vuitton to Supreme.

For over 30 years now, Fujiwara has represented the very essence of the streetwear concept and has cemented its position thanks to projects such as Nike HTM – Hiroshi Fujiwara (H), Tinker Hatfield (T) and Mark Parker (M) – one of Beaverton’s most innovative and successful.

UNDERCOVER, BAPE, HUMAN MADE are just a few examples that tell even better how Hiroshi Fujiwara has changed streetculture forever since 1980 and for decades to come.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear
Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear
Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of streetwear
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The collaboration between Helmut Lang and New Era

The collaboration between Helmut Lang and New Era

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Style

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, New Era presented its collaboration with a fashion icon, Helmut Lang.
A very long story that transformed the hat company founded in Buffalo in 1920 by German immigrant Ehrhardt Koch, into a true cultural icon.

The capsule collection consists of two different caps, 9FORTY and Low 59FIFTY, which Helmut Lang has reinterpreted using wool twill.

Cap 9FORTY is characterized by an embroidery on the front, “FINEST HEADWEAR”, which refers directly to the very first advertising campaigns of the maison and is available in green or navy blue. The Low 59FIFTY presents an Helmut Lang archive monogram and has been produced in black and olive green.

Helmut Lang x New Era caps are available online on the Helmut Lang website.

The collaboration between Helmut Lang and New Era
The collaboration between Helmut Lang and New Era
The collaboration between Helmut Lang and New Era
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Patagonia against climate change negationists

Patagonia against climate change negationists

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Style

If you have had access to social networks in the last two days, you may have seen a photo of a Patagonia label with a direct and unequivocal message, put in place of the washing instructions: “VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT”.

At first, it was thought to be a joke, a kind of meme, but confirmation of the authenticity came directly from Patagonia spokesperson Corley Kenna.
The message is an invitation to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election on November 3rd and is part of the brand’s campaign against climate change.
“We’ve added them to the men’s and women’s shorts in our 2020 Regenerative Organic Stand-Up collection because we’ve been taking sides against climate deniers practically since we started making those shorts” Corley Kenna explained: Yvon Chouinard – founder of Patagonia – has been saying this for years, referring to politicians of any party who deny or neglect the climate emergency while ignoring scientific data, not because they are not aware of it but because oil and gas lobbies fill their pockets with money”.

The company’s new position comes after U.S. President Donald Trump, at a meeting in Sacramento to take stock of the damage caused by the fires that are devastating California – a phenomenon directly related to rising temperatures – said: “The climate will start to get colder, just watch. I don’t think science really knows what’s happening”.

It is clear that Patagonia, which has always been at the forefront of environmental militancy, has once again wanted to send a strong message to the public because, as Chouinard wrote in a letter to his employees in 1992 entitled The Next 100 Years: “I have a slightly different definition of evil than most people. When you have the opportunity and the ability to do good and do nothing, it is evil. Evil doesn’t always have to be a blatant act. It can simply be the absence of good“.

The slogan that appeared on the shorts is nothing new for Patagonia, it seems that it had already been printed on a t-shirt and then strongly reiterated on the brand’s website.

In a letter written last April and addressed to the 1% for the Planet Community, Chouinard practically used the same words: “Remember, vote the assholes out, all of those politicians who don’t believe we should do anything about climate change. Vote for the planet and against those who would do nothing. We have the power and now is the time to use it.

As we were saying, Patagonia has always been committed to raising awareness on environmental issues and has made it its main core, this last initiative is not the only strong position taken in recent years.
In 2016 the Californian company donated all of its Black Friday revenues to non-profit environmental organizations, and in 2017 sued President Trump for his decision to reduce the size of two national monuments in the state of Utah, the Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante – the largest reduction in protected land in the history of the United States, in 2018 launched a digital platform, Patagonia Action Works, to support consumers’ commitment to protecting the environment and this year they decided to withdraw advertising on Facebook and Instagram to protest the rampant disinformation that clogs the platform.

This is only the last of the battles carried out by Patagonia but we are sure that they will not end here.

Patagonia against climate change negationists
Patagonia against climate change negationists
Patagonia against climate change negationists
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The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam capsule collection

The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam capsule collection

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Style

“Produce Consume Die”, a 1986 verse obsessively sung by the legendary punk rock band CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea, is more current than ever.

tarting from this historical phrase, CCCP and Slam Jam have worked together on a capsule collection that tells the important aesthetic and cultural heritage of the iconic band from Reggio Emilia composed by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Massimo Zamboni, Annarella Giudici, and Danilo Fatur.

On the occasion of the exhibition “Dilettanti Geniali. Sperimentazioni artistiche degli anni Ottanta”, which took place last year in Bologna and told the story of the artistic scene of the city and the whole Emilia Romagna in the 80s, Luca Benini – Founder of Slam Jam, from Ferrara and a fan of CCCP since 1983 – and Annarella Giudici meet and from that meeting, the idea of creating a capsule collection was born.

Consisting of a series of essential items, the collection includes three T-shirts with the most striking phrases and images of the group and available in military green, black and white; two black hoodies, one with only the CCCP logo while the other is characterized by a series of patch stops with safety pins; a black cotton field jacket with pockets; a tote bag with the logo and patch and to complete the wide offer, a black felt army beret with the with CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea’s logo.

The capsule collection is introduced by a series of images by London artist Joshua Gordon and a musical selection tribute to the band by Caterina Barbieri, available on Slam Jam’s Long Format Audio Archive platform.

The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam collection will be available from September 26th on the Slam Jam website and in store, while below you can take a look at the capsule collection.

The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam capsule collection
The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam capsule collection
The CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea x Slam Jam capsule collection
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Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died

Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died

Andrea Tuzio · 3 years ago · Style

Last Thursday, but the news was announced on Saturday by Amy Calhoun, spokesperson for the W. L. Gore & Associates, died at his home in Maryland at the age of 83 years Robert W. “Bob” Gore, chemical engineer, scientist, philanthropist and inventor of the fundamental GORE-TEX outdoor material.
Bob led the family company, founded by his father Bill in 1958, for 40 years.

Born in Salt Lake City in 1937, Bob received a bachelor’s degree cum laude and a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware in 1959 and the University of Minnesota in 1963.

Bob’s most important discovery was certainly in October 1969 when, while looking for a way to produce a plumber’s tape for his father, using Teflon (PTFE) produced by DuPont Experimental Station – a company for which his father Bill had worked – he invented a breathable, lightweight, waterproof membrane that has been used for almost 40 years to make technical and outdoor garments, GORE-TEX.

On May 21, 1970 the first patent application for the new material was filed and two separate patents were granted, one for the product itself and the other for the manufacturing processes in 1976.

This type of microporous material has changed and revolutionized forever and drastically, not only all outdoor clothing and fashion in general, but is also considered of fundamental importance in the medical field (in GORE-TEX is made a membrane for the oxygenation of blood and tubes used as vascular grafts), in aeronautics and aerospace and even in music.

An intelligent businessman, a leader, a true pioneer in the study of materials and their use, Bob Gore has been CEO of W. L. Gore & Associates from 1976 to 2000 and president until 2016, giving up after fighting a serious illness for many years.
But the invention for which we know him continues and will continue to accompany us for much longer.

Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died
Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died
Bob Gore, the inventor of GORE-TEX, has died
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