Design House68, the house made of pavilions by Design Collective Architects

House68, the house made of pavilions by Design Collective Architects

Giulia Guido

Contact with nature and the climatic conditions of the place are the foundations on which House68 was designed. Conceived by Design Collective Architects, House68 is located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia, and combines the most modern techniques and trends in architecture with the traditions and needs of the region. 

The house is the private residence of a very large family who explicitly requested a home with distinct and separate areas. So the architects, inspired by the typical architecture of the place, designed a two-storey house consisting of 4 pavilions intended for different functions and allowing the public and private areas to be perfectly separated. 

A recurring feature throughout the structure is its openness to the outside through large windows, porticoes and terraces. The construction of these spaces is due to a main reason, that of fighting the heat and the humid climate of the region. 

Thus we find large shady outdoor spaces where we can relax in the cool, and the large, recurring openings in the structure allow a continuous exchange of air, but also make the most of natural light. 

For House68 materials such as wood, glass, bamboo and stone were chosen, which do not create contrasts with the surrounding environment. In fact, great importance was given to the outside of the home, where there is a swimming pool and several courtyards and ponds. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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