Art Pandemica, an animated series calling for global vaccine access

Pandemica, an animated series calling for global vaccine access

Federica Cimorelli

Welcome to Pandemica. It’s a never-ending pandemic purgatory, where COVID-19 never goes away, but continues to mutate and cross borders. It’s the most deadly place on earth, where twice as many people die, the global economy loses an additional US$9.2 trillion, and life as we once knew it does not return for anyone.

This is exactly how Pandemica, a fictional location of injustice, was described by illustrator Andrew Rae together with creative agency Hive and animation studio Titmouse for the new advertising campaign of ONE – the global health organization.

Pandemica is a dystopian place not far from reality, the main setting of ONE’s animated series of the same name made to demand global access to the Covid-19 vaccine.

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In fact, according to research by ONE, five countries (Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and the US) plus the EU bloc have enough vaccine stocks for their populations and over a billion surplus doses to share. This abundance would be enough to vaccinate the entire adult population of Africa, but in a world of injustice like ours, low-income populations are always considered last.

Pandemica explores the world of pandemic purgatory in which we will all live if global access to the vaccine is not a priority issue, and meanwhile calls on governments and pharmaceutical companies to work together to combat Covid-19.

If the vaccine isn’t everywhere, this pandemic isn’t going anywhere

Through seven animated episodes and hundreds of anthropomorphised creatures, Pandemica underscores a need that cannot be postponed and uses satire to discuss an important cause. The pandemic will only end when everyone has access to the vaccine, and if rich countries continue to prevent its distribution around the world, the pandemic will last much longer.

Watch the seven animated episodes here and visit ONE official website to find out more about the campaign.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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