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From Wednesday 16th October to Friday 25th October, the ninth edition of the festival In Wall We Trust will take place in Airola, in the heart of the Sannio beneventano area.

WHERE: Airola (BN), Campania, Italy
WHEN: 16 - 25 OCT
9 October 2019

The ninth edition of the festival In Wall We Trust – International Street Art Exhibition is about to begin. It will take place in the town of Airola, in the Sannio Benevento area, from 16th to 25th October

Founded nine years ago by the artistic duo formed by Domenico Tirino and Caterina Ceccarelli, the event is organized by Associazione Artistico Culturale Sociale no profit “In Wall We Trust” and, now, is a must for street art lovers.

This year’s edition sees the presence of three international artists who will create an artwork. 

The first is L.E.O., Reginald O’Neal’s stage name and originally from Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. Born in 1992, L.E.O. began painting at the age of twenty and today his art often leads him to work in Europe, including Austria, Spain, Germany, and Norway. 

The second artist present at the festival In Wall We Trust will be Alejandro Dorda aka Alex Void. He was also born in Miami, but at the age of three, he moved to Spain where he grew up and approached the world of art, first through the study of painting and classical art, then approaching the world of graffiti. Today Alex has returned to live in Miami and is one of the great names in contemporary street art. A fundamental feature of Alex Void’s work is the fact that his art is always closely linked to issues related to current affairs and social issues. 

The third and last artist present at Airola will be Ivan Floro, born in Barcelona in 1993. His artistic career led him to first approach the world of graffiti and only later approached the academic process. 

In Wall We Trust represents a real moment of artistic collaboration and sharing, but not only, but that also succeeds in transforming the streets of a city into an open-air museum. 

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