An interview with artist Adrian Schachter for #OriginalsMilano Grid Talk

The second artist we interviewed for #OriginalsMilano Grid Talk, the event that will transform the originals flagship store into a mini-exhibit from March 22 to April 4, is Adrian Schachter.

Adrian is a young artist born in 1996 in New York, where he studies at the School of Visual Arts.
Despite his young age, his work intersects painting, sculpture and photography, and it’s characterized by a strongly satirical imprint.

We asked him to tell us something about him and his art, that’s how he answered:

How did you start and what is the most representative element of your art?

Before I could walk I was always drawing. I wanted to be a cartoonist as a child. Having been heavily exposed to art at that age, I merged my interest in drawing with that of fine art.

What is your creative approach when you measure yourself with a new project?

I try and go about starting new projects in as organic a way as possible. I think of a few ideas to start with and beginning refining them with sketches, writings and talking about it. I tend to be really decisive at this stage. The concepts always come first and become the scaffolding for imagery.

How did your collaboration with adidas DEERUPT start and what kind of work did you plan to do?

I first began my conversation with adidas last year, where my brother Kai and I were invited to collaborate with them for design week in NYC. Upon hearing about this project I gathered that the overarching theme was the grid, but one that encouraged nonconformism and individual pursuits to the point of neglect. I began thinking about inspiringly radical athletics and considered the extent to which they might neglect reason, such as skiers going traveling to the clouds for the ultimate off-piste or figure skaters matching the undulating grace of the ocean’s waves. I latched onto this idea enthusiastically and have not faltered or considered changing paths.

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