Music Our interview with Cicco Sanchez for his “nostalgia liquida” EP

Our interview with Cicco Sanchez for his “nostalgia liquida” EP

Cristiano Di Capua

How would you define nostalgia? As a positive or negative feeling?
There is no certain answer, definitely a personal point of view is needed. But if this feeling manages to inspire artists like Cicco Sanchez and give birth to an EP like “nostalgia liquida”, we can only be happy about it.

Available on all digital stores since December 3 for Columbia Records/Sony Music, the Turin-based artist has given us a real gift with this release. It is an intimate and personal EP, which adheres very much to his private life and the feelings felt on his skin.
Initially anticipated by the singles “poster”, produced by Michelangelo, and “ora o mai più”, born from the collaboration between CASADILEGO, this record work is the demonstration that the sadness makes the artists more inspired in the writing phase. After a careful listening, they jump to the ear of the fresh sounds and that don’t bore thanks to a strong catchyness. That derives from the authorial hand of the artist, that has always dressed the double role both of artist and of author. had the chance to have a short chat with Cicco, who answered us about some curiosities regarding his last work:

“ora o mai più” is a very interesting modern ballad. How did the collaboration with Casadilego come about?
When there was the first lockdown I wrote a lot, then there was a phase of block. Then one night I decided to sit down and write a song. It was like midnight. At 5:45 I finished writing “ora o mai più”. It’s a song that JVLI and I really liked, but we felt like something was still missing. JVLI at that time was working with Casadilego so it was a spontaneous idea to include her in this track. Luckily she agreed and it was all very cool. It added so much value to the piece.

Your lyrics are very effective, there are often references to well-defined images that make your songs immediate. What manages to inspire you in the moment of writing?
In the moment of writing I get inspired a little bit by everything I’ve experienced and what’s around me. I let myself be inspired by everything, by the books and manga I read, by the movies I see, but especially by the people around me, because many times you see yourself in others.

Besides being an all-round artist, you are also an author. How do you manage to divide yourself between these two figures, so similar but so different from each other?
When I write my songs it’s like I’m in front of the mirror. While when I write them for others it’s like I’m looking out of the window and trying to photograph, paint things that don’t belong to me but that I want to describe.

This EP will be the soundtrack that will accompany us during this winter (and beyond). What prompted you to title this work “nostalgia liquida”?
“nostalgia liquida” because it’s as liquid as tears, rain and as vodka. Nostalgia because I sank into this sea of memories from the beginning to the end of writing this EP. Liquid because it’s kind of split into two parts like there are the memories I’d like to relive and the ones I’d like to erase.

Can you give us any spoilers about live shows? Will we see you on a stage soon?
I can’t say much for now, but we’re in the rehearsal room. I can’t wait to bring this EP I care so much about live. I think after careful listening in headphones the best way to enjoy this project is live in the intimate way I wrote it.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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