Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty

Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty

Claudia Maddaluno

Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty‘s latest album is the crown jewel of Italian hip-hop.
It’s titled “La Soluzione” and comes after their first collaborative project with “Terapia di gruppo”, released in 2018.

The album confirms the talent of this project, mixing different influences form black music to Italian rap and jazz.
Its eight tracks slide very lightly inside our ears, even though they include many different themes and moods, talking about love, or the uncertainties of the future, all the problems of today’s musicians and, of course, the solutions.

We met the funk collective to find out more about their latest release.

Hi guys, we are very curious to know how “La Soluzione” was born. What are the problems that brought you here and what solution did you find?

This record was born spontaneously, in the strictest sense of the word.
The previous experience of “Terapia di gruppo” has physiologically intensified both the relationships between us and the artistic harmony. “LA Soluzione” is the awareness of being on the right path and having overcome the storm.
It was born in the downtime between one date and another of our recent tour and it was impossible to stop the flow, so here we are again!

We can find so many different moods and genres in your album. Is there an album that most inspired you during the creation?

Mac Miller’s Swimming has already inspired our previous album and it’s still one of our current listenings. However, you can find our latest inspirations by catching the samples used in “La Soluzione”.

About the creative process, how do Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty work together in a studio session?

We don’t have a fixed scheme: some ideas could come out like a rabbit out of a hat. So, Natty Dub pulled some samples out of his pocket, Jeremy followed him with his bass lines and Davide joined with his songwriting. But this is an example, basically, we let it be the inspiration to guide us.

What’s your favorite track of the album?

“La Soluzione”, of course. It’s the most representative track of the album both for how it treats its concept, and for its classic sound that does not remain anchored to classicism as a musical scheme.

Written by Claudia Maddaluno
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