Art The nighttime illustrations by John Lee aka Keebs

The nighttime illustrations by John Lee aka Keebs

Giulia Guido

Our daily routines often lead us to think that beyond a certain time of night, the world stops. As if life goes on pause from when we go to sleep to when we wake up. The truth is, however, very far from this thought. John Lee, better known as Keebs, knows this very well. 

Originally from Torrance, after a stint working in Korea, Keebs returned to Los Angeles’ Koreatown where he still lives and works today. His career started completely self-taught, beginning with drawing and offering to make posters for events or EP covers. These are things he still does, but besides that he spends part of his time working on personal projects where his style and favorite subjects take over. 

The night, with its dark and desaturated colors, is the undisputed star of his illustrations. Keebs plays with the less bright tones of purples, pinks, blues and greys to restore those suspended atmospheres typical of the late hours of the night. 

And precisely because so few manage to survive sleep, Keebs’ works become a sort of testimony to the people of the night, of fearless faces illuminated by neon lights, of after-hours snacks. 

We’ve selected some of his illustrations, but follow him on Instagram so you don’t miss all his work. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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