Art JR’s new artwork in Paris
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JR’s new artwork in Paris

Giorgia Massari

Today, Paris woke up to a new public artwork by artist JR. The renowned street artist has embarked on an incredible project in collaboration with the Opéra National de Paris: transforming the scaffolding surrounding the historic Palais Garnier during its restoration into a captivating work of art. From now, September 6th, until September 25th, the façade of the Opéra Garnier undergoes a surprising metamorphosis, unveiling the entrance to a vast cave that opens up to a perspective of rock and light.

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JR’s artwork pays homage to the romantic aesthetics of the 19th century while simultaneously invoking the grandeur of opera performances. The architectural elements from the era of Napoleon III appear to be caught in a dual temporal movement. Simultaneously, the ongoing restoration work behind the scenes serves as physical support for JR’s installation. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this geological universe, taking a step back in time to when song and dance celebrated deities in ancient Greece within elaborately illuminated caves.

JR’s installation seamlessly blends art and architecture, transcending boundaries and inviting us to experience culture and history in unexpected places. The transformation of Palais Garnier by JR, like all of his works, demonstrates art’s ability to transcend boundaries and create lasting impressions.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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