Kapsimalis Architects and the dream house in an old vineyard

Kapsimalis Architects reclaim an old vineyard and volcanic site, creating a house that blends in with its surroundings.

Kapsimalis Architects operate and implement another architectural modification to the beautiful hills of Santorini. This time the architects have designed a house located in a vineyard in the central part of the island. The house overlooks the sea to the east and Fira, the capital, to the west. As long as it was harmonious with the surrounding landscape, the land was incorporated into the design of the residence for a fabulous result.

To give the illusion of an immaculate environment, the architects cut a part of the land, reworking it as a sort of platform on which all the liveable areas of the house develop. The result is a material volume that imitates the forms of natural erosion of volcanic rocks and traditional caves.

The ground floor, at the level of the surrounding ground, intends to blend in with the landscape. There is a living room and dining room, a kitchen, a double bedroom and a bathroom. From here you enter an outdoor courtyard with a rectangular swimming pool which is on the east side of the house, while the main entrance is on the west side of the ground floor, as well as access to the attic and basement.

The roof itself houses an attic which makes room for an office, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. A real garden has been created in the roof, which is in perfect harmony with all the surrounding elements, with a small vineyard, the plants and the land itself. Because of its massive nature, the designers have carved vaulted roofs, pyramidal shapes, and slit openings to bring natural light into the spaces of the ground floor.

To counteract the body of the ground floor, the exterior walls were covered with sliding mirror frames, visually removing this part of the building from the context. The play of contrasting materials creates the illusion that the upper floor floats in the air.

Obviously, the colour palette, with which the whole complex was made up, is also inspired by the surrounding environment. The colour of the plaster and ceilings, as well as the industrial concrete floors, imitate the external tones. The walls are clad in natural oak and the furniture blends in with the materiality of the building.

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Text by Elisa Scotti


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