KFC, in the new commercial Colonel Sanders as Don Vito Corleone

27 March 2019

In the latest KFC commercial, Colonel Sanders is in Chicken Town where, despite dozens of imitators, there is only one original fried chicken.

The art of advertising continues to fascinate us. The last spot that struck us was the one produced by the creative agency Mother London for KFC. In the video titled Chicken Town, the only and inimitable Colonel Sanders turns the streets of a city that lives only thanks to imitations. On the signs of the shops, we see acronyms ranging from “AFC” to “ZFC” and in the background resonates the famous soundtrack of The Godfather.

While the same Colonel breads the best chicken in the world and fries it, his lapidary words thunder “Cause when you’re on top everybody want a piece of you“, reminding the world that there is only one real fried chicken. 


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