Short video for Breakfast – Makin’ Moves, Kouhei Nakama’s amazing dances

26 May 2017

Makin' Moves is the incredible and hypnotic short video of the visual art director Kouhei Nakama where everyone is dancing and floating in the air.

I don’t know what Kouhei Nakama thought when decided to unlock his imagination by creating Makin’ Moves, an incredible video where everyone dance and floats in the air.

I know, however, that on a Friday of late May, when the sun is out but you have to work, it’s the best thing that you could see on the web.

On the electronic notes of Hella by Broke For Free, Kouhei’s women, men and animals dance like crazy, follow the rhythm with every part of their body, and travel on the bass.

A crazy and incredibly hypnotic video.



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