Style New Balance Japan’s “Modern Classic” Appearl Collection

New Balance Japan’s “Modern Classic” Appearl Collection

Andrea Tuzio

New Balance Japan has just presented a collection that upsets the canons of the Boston-based company by going out of the box with NB devoted exclusively to sneakers and sports apparel.

Created as an extension of the Waist to Toe fashion program, the Japanese division of New Balance has created, for Spring/Summer 2020, the “Modern Classic” collection which consists of garments that are part of the Japanese tradition but have been revisited in a decidedly contemporary way.

Items in the collection include happi jackets (traditional jackets usually in indigo or brown cotton with Kamon prints) and jinbei (traditional garments worn by men and boys during the summer. They consist of a sort of jacket and a pair of matching trousers).

The traditional garments in the collection are made of light and water-resistant fabrics and treated with the practice of aizome, an ancient indigo dyeing technique, from which an intense blue is obtained, so loved by the Japanese to be identified as “Japan blue”.
Other items that are part of the “Modern Classic” collection are matching shorts and four different styles of long trousers, all featuring an elasticated waist, zippered pockets, and NB reflective branding.
There is of course no shortage of accessories: a shopper bag, a bucket hat, and branded socks.

The apparel collection “Modern Classic” is available online on the New Balance Japan website.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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