Design This pasta can be eaten

This pasta can be eaten

Tommaso Berra
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What a satisfaction to carry the torch of the best cuisine in the world, kept alive by great historical lies (Italian coffee is not the best in the world) and by inviolable truths, such as the best raw materials and pasta you can taste. Italians still have an ultra-conservative relationship with pasta, no amusements, variations on a theme or unsolicited baroque touches are allowed, you need that precise recipe, or else you will be taught a lesson with a floured rolling pin by a housewife from Emilia.
In the rest of the world, chefs perhaps feel lighter in daring with pasta, which is the reason for the success on Instagram and TikTok of “Pasta designerDavid Rivillo. There are 40 thousand followers who follow the chef’s experiments with pasta on Instagram. He recreates traditional formats such as tortellini or butterflies decorated with geometric textures of color.

The passion for decorated pasta was born in 2019 and since then David Rivillo has never stopped experimenting with the best ingredients and combinations. His fettuccine, tagliatelle and ravioli are all handmade, pulled with traditional tools and designed not only for decorative purposes but to withstand cooking.
The sheets of fresh pasta look like Emilio Pucci scarves or Missoni and Coogi fabrics. Looking at the black borders separating the different shades, one seems to see again the cloisonnisme of the stained-glass windows of great cathedrals. Rivillo’s is a playful experimentation with one of the most beloved foods at every latitude, because a dish (perhaps) is good even if it is beautiful to look at, just don’t tell the housewife with the rolling pin.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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